Monday, March 28, 2011

The Antifa Fad - Radicals for The Establishment

TAKI magazine had an article about the AntiFa fad. Pretty much they seem to be young, white boys who want to appear "edgy" while still being politically correct. Edgy without any real risk of disapproval from the mainstream media or government.

One 22 year old boy featured in the article is described as a barista who competes in latte competitions. As if that is not edgy enough he also yells "FUCK YOU" to speech that he finds disagreeable to his delicate Cultural Marxist programmed sensibilities.

As a 22 year old a young man named George Washington led a British force through the wilderness to fight the French and Indians.

18th Century Edgy
21st Century Edgy


  1. What's with this "Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-White" stuff?

    You mean that Japan isn't solving a RACE problem by flooding Japan with non-Japanese?

    You mean it's only WHITE countries have a RACE problem that can only be solved by flooding white countries with non-whites and blending them out of existence?

    What ARE you? Didn't you get the message that only baristas wearing a beret are EDGY?

  2. Way to jump out in front of this one, Paul.

    Pro-White is the new 'edgey.'

    If you get enough momentum behind this you might not be prepared for what may follow. I hope you are.

    Godspeed, Rabbit.

  3. Remember anti-racist IS just a codeword for anti-White.


    Political Correctness is the anti-Whites' form of religion. That's a fact.

  4. Substitute anti-White for 'cultural Marxist' and you have really got something here.

  5. Here's another take, you might be interested in:

  6. How about the name "Uncle Todd" for a White Uncle Tom, or just WUT?

  7. Doublespeak is the philosophy and religion of the white race. What better way to exploit your own weakness by calling it strength? Jews and other non-whites are the symptom, white back-stabbing social climbing is the disease...

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