Friday, March 18, 2011

Asians in the Library - A Review

 UCLA student's YouTube video 'Asians in the Library' prompts death threats

A UCLA student has received multiple death threats in response to her video “Asians in the Library,” which was posted Friday.

In the video, third-year political science student Alexandra Wallace makes a number of disparaging comments about Asian students.

Here is a copy of the video that caused all the controversy:

In other news, Denmark discovers the joys of diversity:


  1. Yeah... I think she is pretty much a dumb bitch. The problem with her views about "Asians in the Library" is that first of all... How many Blacks and Mexicans did she see in the library? I am guessing not to many of those races can be found in a library. Secondly, this is UCLA we are talking about here. All of the Anglos that go to UCLA take up majors like "Diversity", "Equality", oh... and "Social Justice". Those majors just don't require much studying time. So, I bet she looked around in the library, and all she saw was a see of yellow colored folks. If a phone rings, and it wasn't hers... then it almost certainly had to be an Asian person's phone. At least 5% of people, in all races, are going to have anti-social personality disorders. It stands to reason that there will be some Asian assholes out there.
    ...although, on second thought this could have been some sort of anti-Communist-China protest. If they got caught answering a telephone in a library back in the mother land, their government would probably give them a lethal injection, and harvest their organs. I think I might be on to something here.

  2. Being an asian-american myself and mostly agreeing with your views, I'm not sure we can make the assumption that she was addressing only the foreign asians, but grouped even the acclimated or americans of asian descent into the 'foreign' group as well. And that's what makes it offensive; I, even though I am of asian descent would like to be considered american first. To be addressed in a manner which highlighted my ethnicity over my national loyalty is offensive. I don't speak like that.

  3. The question is why is it wicked to poke fun of people of other races, but it is OK to mock Whites? I doubt someone making a "dumb blonde" joke would have caused any controversy. White people are getting tired of the obvious double standard.

    And just for the record, I actually like most Asians.