Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Curious Case of Peter Coffin

Below is a link to a funny story that went viral last week.  It seems that a YouTube "celebrity", Peter Coffin, was busted for having a fake girlfriend over the past year.

As Peter made some jokes while pretending to be an Asian girl, he his now accused of racism. Of course, he tried to explain and ended up crying. Poor Peter.

"Coffin" is not his real last name (he is not Welsh)
Will he use the Finn card?

The Chinese girl who exposed his scam
Used the Asian Card

And, yes, this was a plot on The Brady Bunch.


  1. What a couple of retards.

    Though, the guy does get points for using the name "Kimi KOBAYASHI".

    The article says that he also had an imaginary attorney write a cease and desist letter to XiaXsu. I wonder if his imaginary attorney was named "Keyser Soze"?

    See the movie "The Usual Suspects" 1995. One of my all time favorites.

  2. That Chinese girl looks exactly like the Japanese animatronic pleasure unit I purchased last year.


    He must be an Alternative Star Trek Fan