Friday, April 15, 2011

Is Ron Paul a Vicious Anti-Semite?

David Horowitz accused Ron Paul of being a "vicious anti-Semite" and a "crackpot".  Horowitz claims that Ron Paul is an anti-Semite because of Paul's proposal to end foreign aid to Israel. In reality, Ron Paul proposed an amendment to end ALL foreign aid. We are out of money and we simply can't send money to other countries.

However, Horowitz used slippery and dishonest language (shocker!) to suggest that Ron Paul was only targeting Israel with the foreign aid cuts.  What a putz!

Ron Paul Is A Vicious Anti-Semite and Anti-American and Conservatives Need To Wash Their Hands of Him

David Horowitz - Ex Trotskyite, Nonconservative

Ron Paul (aka vicious anti-Semite)
Wants to end all foreign aid


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  2. Sorry you see me as an enemy. I wish you peace and joy.

  3. I unblocked you. I looked at your channel and I assumed you were trolling me. I am suspicious of anyone that has Nazi symbols. I am purging my channel of people who advocate that sort of thing. Most are fakes and trolls. And the genuine ones really hurt the cause of self determination.

  4. Thanks for unblocking, and sorry if I offended you. I am what you might call an "anti", but am by no means malicious, and was just having a little fun. I don't agree with most of your views, but I enjoy following your videos, and examining their content from an intellectual standpoint.

    you really should drop by the phora (if you're not already there). There are lots there who are eager to "talk" to you.

  5. I encourage people to post who disagree with me. I should have noticed that your youtube account was older. New accounts with Nazi symbols I now usually block.

    I will stop by the phora. Is that where some of the old LF people hang out?

  6. The videos where Ramzpaul does a prank phone call are the best. Great video!

    I support Israel, not because I think it will make Jesus come back sooner, though. I think of Israel as the little Jewish kid in a bad neighborhood. This little Jewish kid is always being bullied by the big nasty Arabs while walking to school.
    And I just think it is hilarious when the little Jewish kid pulls out a .44 magnum and blows all the mean nasty Arabs away. It's down right funny.

    However, Ron Paul is correct. When we are this far in the hole ourselves, we can't afford to give money to any country. You just can't reason with some people. They will always pull the race card. Oh well!

  7. "I think of Israel as the little Jewish kid in a bad neighborhood."

    I feel no sympathy for the little Jewish kid who chose to gentrify a bad area of an Arab ghetto. Then the little Jewish kid has the gall to use my tax dollars to defend himself from the bad neighbors he chose to live by.

    That's my .44 magnum, and it has given the little Jewish kid a big ego.

  8. I strongly disagree that our gov can not help its friends before it helps countries that it buys off to defeat terrorism