Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black Women Attractiveness Study

Are Black women less attractive that White or Asian women? Dr. Kanazawa did a study that confirms that this is true. So what will be the next article by Dr. Kanazawa? That fire is hot? Water is wet?

Just because something is true does not mean that is needs to be said. Nationalism is not about disparaging other people. It is about survival and self-determination.

blog posting on the website of Psychology Today asserted that black women were "objectively less physically attractive than other women" and then, as a backlash built — it vanished.
The posting was written by Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychology scholar associated with the London School of Economics, on a blog for the publication called The Scientific Fundamentalist. The posting's headline was initially tweaked and the entire essay was subsequently removed altogether on Monday.

Here is the article that was removed:

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  1. Black women just act too macho for me to ever be attracted to them. They look and act masculine. I found the same thing to be true about Russian women. I was drinking at a bar in Prague once, and this Russian woman came up to me and (in a very deep voice) said "Yous by me drink?". I politely declined, because I thought might get my ass kicked if had done otherwise.

    RamzPaul, I would like to hear your views on this article. I was left dumbfounded by it. Apparently some young, poor women allowed a rich old geezer to spank them for money... and then of course filed sexual assault charges against him.