Monday, May 16, 2011

Dan Adler's Offensive Ad

Dan Adler is a Hollywood movie executive who is running for Congress. Below is a link to one of his campaign ads. The theme of the ad is that "minorities" need to stick together against Whites.

At first I thought this was a White Supremacist parody. But, no, this is a real ad.

In this ad, Adler manages to convey that:

1. Jews are not really White
2. Jews are hostile toward Whites.
3. Asians (at least Koreans) work at laundry mats
4. Asians are rude and can only speak in broken English
5. Asians want to "stick together" with Jews against Whites
6. Adler has an Asian wife, so obviously that will encourage Asians to vote for him

This ad is pure race. It says nothing about the issues.


  1. Your video is funny, but Dan Adlers add is hilarious I could not believe my eyes and ears. Some say its an attempt at going viral I hope it does for it shows Adlers and similar politicians true colors.

  2. I looked at some of Adlers other adds he plays the race card in allot of them "my father was a holocaust survivor" etc.

  3. Jews are the greatest, funniest people in the world! Everyone should have one!