Sunday, May 22, 2011

Harold Camping and The Rapture

So the world didn't end as predicted by Harold Camping. The more curious question is why did the mainstream media give so much coverage over this prediction? Harold Camping is not exactly a prominent religious leader in America.

My guess is that the media likes to poke fun at politically safe targets. After all, could you imagine the media mocking an Africa American religious leader? Or mocking a Jewish or Muslim leader? Any such story would be labeled "hate" and "intolerance" and the reporter would have to grovel and beg for forgiveness. But a White man who is a Christian represents an easy target with little risk.

A quick disclaimer - I do not support Harold Camping or his theology.I previous did a video that explained "The Rapture" is a heretical concept that is recent. However, the piling on an old man about his silly beliefs was somewhat disturbing.

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  1. Camping’s calculations were wrong and his assumptions naive, but Rapture and Judgment Day are still relevant! Humanity needs to know the truth. Listen to this very compelling recording from a new spiritual group that is making waves and getting the word out to be spiritually prepared with more than a simple prayer and some bible verses.