Monday, June 6, 2011

Army judges weigh military trials for civilians

Interesting article how the military is expanding its role into civilian life. Of course, as we embrace diversity it will require the military to attempt to keep the population in line. Luckily that diversity will lead the the downfall of the Empire as it did with the Assyrians in 612 B.C.  The Assyrian Empire fell after 1,000 years of world dominance. Most of the fall was due to "diversity" and the outsourcing of jobs. No, nothing is new under the Sun.

Yeah, I always wanted to make a reference to the Assyrian Empire in a YouTube video.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Three Army judges are weighing a question that hasn't cropped up in decades: whether a civilian contractor working for the U.S. military can be tried in a military court. The issue eventually could end up at the Supreme Court.

Assyrian Mighty Army Ruled The Word
Destroyed By Diversity

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