Monday, June 13, 2011

Chicago Tribune admits to censoring stories

The Chicago Tribune has finally admitted that it censors stories based on political considerations. For example, the recent attacks by flash mobs in Chicago have been Blacks attacking Whites. The Tribune has intentionally avoided describing the race of the attackers and instead has used code words such as "youths". Of course, this has become somewhat of a joke as everyone knows the reality.

The Tribune states that race is not relevant to the story. However, if a group of White teenagers should attack  Black people, I am skeptical that the Tribune would ignore the race. (In such a scenario one can imagine a headline of HATE IN CHICAGO! on the front page.) The problem is that the current attacks don't follow the proper Cultural Marxist narrative.

This week the Chicago Tribune published several news stories and related columns about assaults by groups of youths in the Streeterville area of downtown Chicago. More coverage appears Sunday.

A number of readers have asked why we have not included racial descriptions of the assailants and the victims in these incidents.,0,136289.story


  1. Was directed to your site by another(thankfully).

    Sarcasm beautifully pitched. I will try to donate when I'm able to. In the meantime - thanks.

  2. A person lost a limb when they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The news twerp reported yesterday that a man who was murdered for his paycheck by gang members who were waiting for him to come home from work was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he stepped onto his own porch.

  3. So you want them to mention race?
    Or Do you not want to them to mention