Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Defense of Soulja Boy

It seems that a Soulja Boy got into trouble for calling people "faggots" who were on his Facebook page trolling him. He later claimed that these comments were made by a "hacker." Hmmmm... yeah.

Anyway, I actually agreed with his comments. If you don't like his work, get the fuck off his page. But the Politically Correct commissars were up in arms with him saying "faggot."

t’s been an unfortunate week for entertainers talking reckless, as both Tracy Morgan andSoulja Boy have been tied to homophobic diatribes. Morgan angered many at a standup gig in Tennessee when he went on a tirade against gay men and women while performing in front of a Nashville audience. Days later Soulja Boy found himself under the gun for allegedly making what was deemed racist and homophobic remarks against users on his Facebook page. The Atlanta rapper has stepped forward today to address the matter noting that his FB account had been hacked.
A message was initially posted on Soulja Boy’s Facebook page over the weekend that read, "WHO THE f--k "likes" an artist on facebook who they dont LIKE. DUMB ASS,” and continued, “I'm gonna keep talking sh-t to these white f----ts until they unlike my page. f---ing weirdo stalkers!”
The message was seemingly directed at Facebook fans that “like” his page, only to post disparaging comments on it, but the message was lost somewhere in the rambling, as racial issues were brought up several times, as well as homophobic language.

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