Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gays and Grannies

Funny story. Seems that a pilot unknowingly left his intercom on and was heard complaining how all of the flight attendants on his crew were either gays or grannies. Poor guy was sent to a re-education camp (aka sensitivity training) before he was allowed to fly again.

I am old enough to remember when airlines in the United States had a reputation of having only young and cute stewardesses (this was before we had the PC term of flight attendant).  Sadly, those days are gone. Now it is mostly gays and women that look like prison guards. The good news is Asian based airlines still have cute girls.



I was born during the wrong time.


  1. Apparently this was broadcast on the radio to other pilots and air traffic control, not on the PA to passengers.

    The pilot was just having a typical guy conversation to his co-pilot. He did not denigrate gays, was complaining of the lack of other red blooded heterosexual men and attractive women in the flight crew to socialise with outside of work hours.

  2. Newsflash: Pilots are human

    As a gayer myself I have honestly no idea why the fuck this is even news. he sounds like a cool guy.

  3. You also wouldn't have been able to afford to fly. Pre-deregulation prices were ridiculous. The flight attendants used to be cute because with government fixed prices airlines could only differentiate by gimmicks like having the hottest stews.

  4. I know. The pilot said said (what he thought was a private conversation) what pretty much all of us straight men think. We want cute and young stewardesses. Not gay men and old women.

  5. I do sympathize with your view, although as a straight woman I don't really care if the flight attendant likes it up the butt or resembles Barbara Bush as long as they are polite and don't spill scalding hot coffee in my lap.