Monday, July 4, 2011

Is Casey Anthony a Victim of the Patriarchy?

I haven't followed the Casey Anthony trial.  But I thought I would take a look since it has received so much publicity.

The story started when a little two year old girl named Caylee Anthony was reporting missing to the police in 2008 by her Grandmother. When the police investigated, the unwed Mom named Casey Anthony, said, yeah, she had been missing for six weeks. Obviously the police thought it was rather odd that a mother would forget to report that her two year old daughter was missing.

Caylee Anthony

A massive search was conducted looking for Caylee. Casey claimed that her daughter was probably abducted.

Eventually Caylee's body was found in a shallow grave near the house. Her mouth was covered in duct tape. Police searched Casey's car and found evidence that the body had decomposed in the trunk for a couple of days before it was buried.

Casidy has since changed her story. She now claims that Caylee drowned by accident in a backyard pool. She then panicked and called her father. According to Casey, they decided it would be best to try to cover up the accidental drowning by making it look like a murder. WTF? Obviously her Dad denies this stupid story.

In the links below you can see her IM chats with her current boyfriend a month before Caylee died. The chats show the her boyfriend was about to dump her because she could not find reliable babysitters to watch the "snot nose" (her description) kid. Casey seemed frustrated that her daughter was getting in the way of her carefree life of fucking various guys.

Even if we assume Casey's bizarre story is true and the death was an accidental drowning, it seems that Casey was not that heartbroken. Below is a picture of her just days after the death of her daughter.

Casey (with drink in hand) starting the healing process

As sordid as this tale is, you would think feminists would not want to make Casey a poster child for their movement.  But one can never overestimate the stupidity of feminists. Here is a quote from Dr. Barbara Kirwin:

However, the bigger picture, Kirwin said, is the socio-political issue of the amount of support and resources available to women, calling it as much an issue for women and feminists as it is crime.


  1. Hope this one gets around RamZPaul. You are a tiny light in this sea of ever encroaching madness. Will we ever get out? I don't know, I really don't know.

  2. Sorry you guys, but I simply have to make another comment about this dreadful incident.

    Looking at it dispassionately one can’t help but see a continuum between this and abortion, the absolute power of life and death that women have been given - without any, and I repeat ANY, moral, political, economic or social price to pay. The ‘right’ to abortion is no more than that. It’s absolute power over life and death.

    And while we’re on this issue, why restrict the right to kill to the pill before, to the pill afterwards, to the abortion of a 4-week child in the womb? 2 months? 6 months? How about a day before birth? And hey, why not extend it to after birth? This murder is simply a logical outcome of the homicidal abortion ‘freedom to chose’ insanity offered to us with the kind compliments of the satanic feminist industry.

  3. Of course, that is the logic. After all, if you allow a partial birth abortion (grizzly) why not just take the next step and kill the child after birth? Some feminists have actually taken this next step and have advocated for infanticide.

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  5. Good Lord, I didn't know that! Though, while I'm totally horrified, I cannot say I'm surprised when considering it coldly.

  6. Ramzpaul, I think you need to hear about this!

    It seems patriarchy has not only found another victim, who was helplessly invited to coffee and helplessly refused. But the incident has revealed hideous male privilege discovered in the atheist and sceptics community!

    Extra! Extra read all about it Richard Dawkins denounced and shamed because he thinks men shouldn't be held responsible for random women's interpretation or unease at polite invitations to coffee. This kind of thinking shouldn't be tolerated, who knows what heresies will follow! Also how dare he be so White, old and British? Shouldn't he know better since he's against Christians?

    First read about it at this ridiculously Liberally slanted discussion in the following science blog:

    Whatever you may think of him, Richard Dawkins deserves a thumbs up for being the voice of common sense in this debate.

    A polite invitation to coffee is not just "not very bad" compared to some (he cites Muslim) practices that can be called misogynist, but "zero bad" in his words. We're sorry you find the guy creepy miss but that dosen't entitle you to expect sympathy for us or any shaming of him.