Monday, July 18, 2011

Ms. Mag: Deficits are Pro Woman

Susan Fiener, a Feminist Economist, argues in all seriousness that deficits do not matter because the government can pay for the debts with just a click on a computer. And because a literal printing press is not used, this is NOT printing money. And, no, this is not satire. She is quite serious. 

She even wrote a clever poem for her Ms. Magazine readers:

When the U.S. has a debt, we/I, we/I, owe
Then a quick click here, and a quick click there
Here a click, there a click, now a little quick click
Then the U.S. paid its debt, we won’t, we don’t owe.

This is based on the children's poem, old MacDonald. Which is probably appropriate given the intellectual level of Ms. Magazine's readership.



  1. I sent off a comment to MS about this article a few days ago, something about degrees in economics becoming, like the rest of the 'degrees' the humanities, degrees in worthlessness, but they didn’t publish it. Rats! Maybe it was my comments about affirmative action that upset them.

    Anyway, whereas we used to live in a world that demanded of us to ask, “The world is like this, so how should I behave in this reality?”. Now we live in a world in which we say, “I feel that reality ought to be like this and therefore the world must adapt accordingly”.

    Reminds me of something Revilo Oliver once wrote about liberals “whose religion is based on the strange faith that God wouldn’t have dared to create a universe without consulting their wishes”.

  2. @Just Comments.

    Agreed. This self-indulgent fantasy world relies entirely on the availability of an endless supply of 'free' cash from the toil of others. Thankfully, those days have just come to an end. Interesting times ahead!

  3. They're entitled to each their own opinion. What matters is they're able to come up with economic reforms.

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