Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Norway and the Reichstag fire

I created this video over the weekend. I had limited Internet access so I was not following the news closely. However, as I predicted in this video, I knew that the SPLC (a powerful hate group in the USA) would exploit the Norway shootings in an attempt to curtail civil liberties. And right on queue the SPLC did not disappoint. Per the article below:

But according to some analysts, words can be weapons themselves.

The SPLC has frequently made the argument that speech = violence. Like all totalitarians their goal is to imprison anyone who disagrees with their political point of view. The SPLC is by far the most anti-American and dangerous hate group that exists in this country. No other hate group is as well funded or poses such a serious risk to Liberty as the SPLC.

Of course, using a terrorist attack as justification to limit civil liberties is not new. In 1933 the National Socialist party in Germany used the terrorist attack on the Reichstag Building as an excuse to "temporarily" limit civil liberties. 

The basic formula is as follows:

1. Government policies create a crisis
2. A predicted action takes place (staged or not)
3. Government responds with a reaction to increase power

A recent example:

1. US Government gets involved with foreign wars on the behalf of Israel (crisis)

2. Muslim extremists hijack planes on September 11, 2001 (action)

3. US Government implements a Soviet styled Homeland Security police force to spy on US citizens. (planned reaction)


  1. I was rethinking the dusty vision that I had of Oklahoma until the last seconds of the video.

  2. "I don't believe 911 was staged".

    Are you still in satire mode when you say that?

  3. Any free-thinking (key word) individual, with an above-average IQ (meaning white people since youth bring down the average), can plainly see that 911 was staged. When the government tries to pawn a story that defies the laws of physics, baloney should be the call immediately.

  4. "Where was this video filmed"

    Under the hegemony of a terrorist hat!

    White people stink!


  5. http://web.archive.org/web/20080516042215/www.shootersnews.addr.com/snportarthur.html

  6. I've thought of a better title!

    "Cockchoppin and the Russian Revolution"


    Yer a half hearted cunt, i'll give you that!

    Atlas shrugged?

    Well no wonder.