Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Defends Al Gore

Bill Nye "The Science Guy" was on Fox news. During the interview he defended Al Gore's accustation that people who are skeptical about man-made global warming are similar to those wicked "racists".

Interesting Bill Nye (as I often do) compared human races to dog breeds. But making such a comparison actually supports the idea that racial differences are real. After all, do we REALLY believe that Basset Hounds can run as fast Greyhounds?


  1. I've always admired, nay, loved, Al Gore because I've always admired people, who, through their own courageous example, even at a heavy cost to themselves, teach the rest of us things we didn't know or perhaps couldn’t understand without a guru to help us.

    And what has Al taught me? Two things:

    First - the meaning of the word 'opportunist'.

    Second - the courage to ‘never give up’. Al the Great is the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy grail film. What courage!

    Thank you Al! Don’t be intimidated by facts. You’ve got some true fans out there - for example the entire NWO is right behind you, and that sure ain’t no two-bit Libyan army!

  2. Weather Terrorists For Atmospheric Truth side with Algore and against Gibson guitars.

  3. Hey RamZ,
    Absolutely love your stuff, found this and thought you would love to see it :)