Friday, August 12, 2011

David Cameron blames Twitter for Riot

Yeah, It is Twitter's fault that the youth's rioted.  STUPID wanker.

Technology experts have cast doubt over whether the Government can curb the use of social media to reign in rioters saying any measure is likely to be side-stepped. 

Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to explore ways to halt the use of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger yesterday if these were being used to plot 'violence, disorder and criminality'.


  1. Yep, that's our David - and he's the best we've got!
    At least you guys have some political diversity. We have an endless line of think-alike clones all in hock to some shadowy background oligarchy. You have independent figures of stature like Ron Paul waiting in the background who you can turn to when playtime is over. Ultimately, if things get really tricky, you are allowed to carry firearms. I think I should have been an American.

  2. that's just professional courtesy...BURN!!!

  3. Amazing hypocrisy on the part of the British regime given the fact that the British Foreign Office and there agent George Soros through the thousands of NGO’s, financing exit polls, OSCE which is dominated by foreign intelligence staff, finance and organise colour revolutions around the world all of which have been spectacular failures using anarchist youth movements and fascist organisations to destabilise regimes that run counter to British and US interests using social media like Facebook and twitter.

    Looks like Soros Open Society is suffering blowback in limeyland.


    Dennis Kuchinich as well as the LaRouche organisation.