Friday, August 26, 2011

The Trailblazer Campaign

Various Hollywood types have been making videos in support of The Trail Blazer campaign. I guess the campaign is to try to get homosexuality accepted in Hollywood. I am not sure why such a campaign is necessary.  What is next? A video campaign to encourage Iran to support Islam?

But whatever the trendy campaign is, I am on-board!  Is there an official ribbon for this campaign?


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  2. RamZ, you're being ambiguous!!!

    Did you mean:
    "The hardest thing is leaving your friend's behind"?

    or, did you mean:
    "The hardest thing is leaving your friends behind"?

  3. I am sure I meant it in an innocent fashion.

  4. my favorite pornstar is Kim Kardashian...

  5. You really ought to look at polling data on the issue. This is one that is very obvious.