Thursday, August 11, 2011

Voice of Reason Interview - London Riots

New Voice of Reason interview of me concerning the London Riots.


  1. As a Quebecer, you have it all wrong.

    Canada is a French country occupied by th British. We are not a minority, this is our country. The fact it has been occupied for 250 years and the French presence was wipped out through various methods (banning French education through out all Provinces, saved for Québec where the Church reigned supreme) changes nothing.

    My ancestors the Normans occupied the British Isles for a very long time too and helped shape what the English language would be. I am a white person, but I don't consider white to be a race, it's multiple races with various histories. A French person is a very strong identity, so you cannot just assimilate it. Not to mention, as Catholics we made sure to segregate ourselves, because this is how you preserve your presence.

    Much of North-America was colonized by us, we have every rights to be here and stay here. We even have the right to have ambitions of recolonizing what was taken from us. Technically speaking, my people did not agree to the Louisiana territory being auctioned off.

    We were conquered and occupied, it doesn't mean we are giving up anything. History is a wheel that roll slowly, we're a nationalist people, we believe we belong here as our own race, it has nothing to do with understandings. You are not thinking straight because you think as an anglospheric. You said you were Scot-German I think, well your cultures were assimilated because they were not strong identities and you became American so you lost your language(s). I am French since Clovis, my identity perpetuate itself for 1500 years, clashing with the Vikings to form the Normans... my ancestors were the Gauls massacred by Caesar, which made us French as we latinized and lost our druidism (I consider a race or civilization consist of a language + a common religion above all).

    So maybe you've gone to thinking too much as an English person, so you presume it is a triumphant culture. But even if you believe in IQ, Québec have one of the highest in North-America on average (highest in Canada), and we have a wrecked education system to boot. I'm not a suprematist, so I think we all have shared traits. I do believe all westerners form the Christendom and once that goes, nothing can stand anymore.

    The French are the counter-Empire really. If you will, we're like the Greeks in the Roman Empire. You can go around assimilating everyone, but the Greeks are a too feisty bunch to be assimilated and latinized, you just have to accept we are not a people that can melt in anything, cause we're pigheaded and the only solution really is concentration camps and reeducation centers. Or well the third method that's currently successful, flooding us with Third-World immigration to drown us. But we're more xenophobic than even you southerners, and quite openly so, in our mainstream medias, we do write when it's the "J-word Lobby" trying to censor someone, we do call things by their name. We have less free speech, but our medias are owned by us, and we do own stuff around North-America to have a significant presence relative to our size. So don't confuse things, we're not a presence yet to be assimilated. We're a country occupied, we don't complain about it, but we always plan to get out of our situation.

    I'm actually a royalist myself. I want the French Republic to die and the King to come back, which would be my King and the first step to become one people again. We didn't revolt against France, we were conquered by imperialist invaders (the British) who had no business taking our land. We can live in peace in Canada, but our borders must be tight, cause you Anglos are like Mexicans to us! Get it yet?

  2. Or as a Canadian junkie once put it in the song "Assimilate"

    Oil remove shred and tear radiation vapor
    It's the fear so unclear man in motion going nowhere
    In our homes stuck in the face spread the word to the populace
    Yellow journal yellow journal set the pace feel the rage

    Manifestations of a sort so insidious off the point
    Simple solution never confusion sport a gun kill a cop
    Crazy world of weary thought so receive me had enough
    Lock me up lock me up

    Rot and assimilate so hot to annihilate
    Deviation tonic mess prolonged existence innocence
    Is he who speaks isn't weak wheelchair virtue so to speak
    Bubonic plague the truth of aids immunity avoid decay

    In the trench of pestilence the bible screams announce your faith
    Mutterings of death to bring suffocate a newborn thing
    Degradation of an age venereal it's all sensation
    Protect design the moral plan infallible as propaganda

    Completely black with no steps back
    Hot to assimilate we'll rot or annihilate
    Agony profusely stains the inner thinking of the brain
    Accusations clanking chains experiments with the groans of pain

    All prefer no one blames the terror in an animal's screams
    In cages our future, the answers insane

    It's very cryptic and it's not exactly Leonard Cohen in terms of depth... but yes, as a Frenchman in my country, I will never ever assimilate. You'd have to kill me first, or flood me with Third-World people so I can't be of my people anymore. But then doing this, you're also destroying yourself.

    French people have nothing to assimilate to. If anything I think it is English-Canadians that should assimilate to us. Doesn't matter the statistics, we don't care... again, we don't accept any midway. Strong civilizations don't negotiate with compromises, it's our way or the highway. If they want to try federalism, they need to ban all English schools out of Québec and keep us entirely sovereign with our constitution... and zero supreme court in Canada to overrule us. We are not dependencies, we are just our own people. I can be a subject of Her Majesty, but she's got to give me entire self-determination in my domain.

    Nationalism is a European ideology, it's not entirely relevant. I'm more of a Patriot myself, because Patriot are not "Matriot". I can be in Thy Kingdom, but I can't be assimilated. My culture is too strong, it's like a person that believe in Judaism converting to Christianity. You can do it, but then you lose your identity. I can't never stop being a French person, that's all really, you can't assimilate me, I don't think your culture is preferable to mine. Hell, I think all of you should be French. It's just an historical mistake you aren't!