Monday, August 15, 2011

Welfare Queens and Civilization

Two stories that illustrated the root of the social problems in England and the United States. In both cases semi-retarded women are allowed to breed many kids that they cannot feed. Of course, they expect the smarter and responsible people to care for them.

It is easy to predict that most of the children from these two mothers will end up as criminals or as welfare queens themselves. Our social policies actually encourage the stupid and criminal to breed more than the smart and responsible. This is a far greater threat to civilization than any terrorist group.

Years ago Mother Nature took care of this irresponsible breeding. Such women starved before they could reproduce. While I believe we have a moral obligation to care for such people, we do not have an obligation to allow them to pump out children. If a woman receives food stamps, she should be sterilized after one child out of wedlock. While that may seem extreme, it is actually less cruel than allowing these feral kids to run around destroying civilization.

The American Version of the Welfare queen:

British version below. This woman has 11 illegitimate children. One was caught looting.


  1. Rows and rows of minorities standing in line chanting, “gimme, gimme, gimme”.

    The insane culture of entitlement, has taken hold of us is so deeply that this common sense message of yours is tantamount to the vilest of vile hate speech.

    What do you think the UK looting was all about? About entitlement. So far, so good, but something went wrong . Some white males actually saw this as an entitlement opportunity too. How dare they! When white men see themselves as minorities that’s really taking it too far - who will be left to pay for the black underclass, the illegal aliens, single mothers, abortion clinics, holocaust museums .... wow, this list risks getting very long!

    Paradoxically the only real threat to ‘the system’ in the riots were the white ganstas who have become ganstas because being one is their entry ticket into victimhood! Entitlement! Minority status!

  2. "While I believe we have a moral obligation to care for such people, we do not have an obligation to allow them to pump out children"

    No we don't have a moral obligation. As soon as you accept that you have to start building scary sounding systems where we neuter people like dogs. The better solution is to simply abolish ALL welfare and then if an individual feels an obligation to help they can do so with their own money. Most people, however, won't, and these people will be forced to stop breeding and there's no need for any nazi style eugenics :p

  3. I don't think Ramzpauls sugestion is "fascist" at all if you don't want top be spayed you still have the option of not accepting welfare. I think Ramzpauls suggestion is entirely reasonable and sensible I endorse it completely. Cutting off welfare completely would fill the streets with starving beggars and thieves, Ramzpauls suggestion is the best way of taking care of both the short term and long term problems of poverty and reducing suffering.

    I also thing we should decriminalize drugs and offer free heroin etc at facilities that only the neutered can enter.