Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Will Remember

What will you do to commemorate 9/11? The “I Will” campaign has thrown out the question and people from around the country, including a few celebrities, have answered. Lady Gaga, Naz, Drake Bell, and DJ Pauly D have all filmed short videos for the 9/11 remembrance campaign, talking about what they remember from that tragic day and what they will do 10 years after to commemorate the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil.

9/12 - Update. Since I posted my video reply, they have shut down all comments. Hmmmm. I guess some of us didn't remember the RIGHT things.

My Official Apology. I hope my video did not hurt their MyGoodDeed T-shirt sales.


  1. Twelve seven and nine eleven
    Manufactured tragedy
    Brought to you in living color
    By FDR and GWB

    The Arizona is a shrine
    The Trade Center the scene of crime

    Survivors of the conflagration
    Get generous compensation
    Dog face soldiers sacrificed
    On a bonfire built of flaming lies

    Just another day of infamy
    Endless war for posterity
    Another step from here to eternity
    Just another day of infamy

    The next one maybe could be the last
    Someone is learning from the past
    American industry is dead but isn't
    Monument making is a growth business

  2. You mentioned FreeRepublic in the video. When did you get the axe? Are you willing to share your (former) screen name there?

    I was an enthusiastic Freeper until the George Bush/neocon sycophancy became too much. I remain a member as I have never bothered to argue with the Bushbots. I still check in, but rarely bother to comment. It does seem to have improved on the immigration question. While VDare may remain a banned source, opposition to open borders is not only permitted, but may be the majority.

    Still, its heyday (~1997 to 2000) it was a great place.