Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Favorite 911 Tribute Videos

Sadly, the 911day.org (sponsored by Viacom! Be sure to buy their 911 T-shirts!) did not publish my video.  But I did look through some of the other 911 Tribute videos. And some of these are fucking performance art!

My top three videos:

#3 Clown Girl

Her song literally brought tears to my eyes. Look on the back shelf. Is that a box of douche?

#2 The Poet

This is fucking art! The alarm clock flashing 12:00. The strewn dirty clothes. The poem - "The Escalators ".   The verse is reminiscent of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

#1 The Youth (The Winner!)

Yo! Check it out! Yo muttherfuck. no what I am sayin'? Cause almost Halloween. no what I amz saying? Motherfucker! Yo!  KNOW WHUT IM SAYIN. 

God. His tribute to 911 symbolizes the new American. I am so proud.

Thank you Viacom for posting these videos. I will try harder next year in hopes mine will get published by you!



  1. I watched these vids and suddenly lost the will to live.
    Ram, there's got to more to existgance than this :(
    Is this it? The Ancient Greeks, the Roman Empire and the Renaissance ends like this ?
    Say it ain't so.

  2. I find these type of videos to be funny or sad depending on my frame of mind.

    These videos are a tribute. Just not in the sense that Viacom expected.

  3. I really relate to what the winner of your contest had to say. He spoke straight to my heart.

    Halloween is a very unsafe time, ya know what I mean?