Wednesday, October 19, 2011

180 The Movie (A Review)

Here is the 180 Movie by Ray Comfort:

Here is Ray Comfort explaining how bananas prove evolution is false:


  1. "um uhh is he like an actor or someone?" how could so many people not know who Hitler was?..touchy subject...and as with any touchy subject, you go into a crowd bringing attention to yourself you get these if he went into the crowd and talked about the banana all day, how it fits in his hand, most would keep on walking...he wanted these reactions...he got them...not hard to do.

  2. Ha Ha. From a jews point of view (and how they want we goy to react) they are taking a HUGE stretch now and making it seem like Hitler was a baby killer. It is not hard to fathom past the vileness of jew propaganda. Sneaky, insinuating bastards of humanity!

    I would even think that jews and their sidekicks definitely want abortion to be stopped in the jewnited states so that there is more cannon fodder in generations to come for their evil warmongering to continue unstopped. They so love that non-jews are willing to give up their very lives for them.

  3. Tried to post a second comment to that video but the owner banned me so I'll post it here.

    Arguments of Jews and atrocities aside, what would the world be like if Hitler had won. White countries worldwide would not be overrun with third-world scum, and Whites wouldn't be under a soft tyranny of hate crime laws, PC speech, anti-White hatred, White guilt, and the rewriting of our history and mythology.

    I watched a debate between an academic author and Hitchens. They argued that while the mass murder of innocent women and children from the bombing of German civilians was a terrible thing it was justified to stop Hitler and a legitimate strategy. Sounds like a horrendous form of hypocrisy to me. Mass murder of Jews worst crime in the world, but the mass murder of innocent Germans was justified.

    Whether or not the Holocaust happened or to the extent they claim, let's use one of those extreme hypotheticals that guy enjoys using. Would you rather have Germany defeated and save the Jews, and as a consequence have Whites worldwide live under political oppression, displaced by non-White immigration and eventually vanish through mass miscegenation, or would you have Hitler win with Jewish suffering while having Whites worldwide preserve their race and advance their civilizations? I'd say Jewish suffering is justified.