Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Stark Truth: RamZPaul on Class Warfare & Political Correctness

Think this was my third interview with this show. Always lots of fun.


  1. Your comments were articulate and rational as usual, Ramzy. Unfortunately the host was so incoherent that I had to stop listening.

  2. i'm w/ ShinraSoldier3...i've listenned to every int. you've posted w/ this dude and i'll listen in the future...glad you're getting due exposure...HOWEVER, Stark's voice is $&@*ing annoying...i can't figure out if he's playing a video game while interviewing you or if he's extremely constipated!

  3. RamZ, I think you've drunk the Alex Jones kool aid regarding the Wall Street protests. There is no doubt that the Democrats are trying to take over this movement, but just because there are globalist jerks like Michael Moore speaking there doesn't mean that they've succeeded. Remember how Zionist republicans like Sara Palin started speaking at Tea Party rallies? That's how they take over. That's why Democrats are talking nice about them. The Republicans and Dems are playing good cop bad cop.

    What tells me that this movement has not yet been co-opted is the Jewish controlled media continues trying to discredit them.

    I'm glad that Americans are finally protesting against the whores in our government for giving our money to their banking masters. The wealth in this country is being consolidated into fewer and fewer hands with the help of the government, and it must stop.

    Listen to the Mike Rivero show 7-9pm est. He gives better info than Alex Jones.