Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Banana, Oranges and Atheism

I guess a video went viral of some YouTube guy named the AmazingAthiest sticking a banana up his butt. But can a civilization survive with guys that are proud of sticking bananas up their butt? Or is that a sign things are coming to the end?


  1. AmazingAtheist's manbreasts are deeply disturbing and raise all sorts of Darwinian questions.

  2. Late Victorian culture was notoriously prudish because in previous centuries most of the horny people were killed off by syphilis etc so they failed to reproduce and pass on there genes. But ironically the culture created by people with prudish genetics makes people with deviant tendencies feel forced to conform and pretend to be normal, marrying and having children until the number of people with such genetics increase beyond a threshold for an explosion of gay, and fetishist culture. Which results in the a situation we have today where disregarding non whites it is the people with conservative tendencies who are having the most children.