Friday, November 18, 2011

Child expelled for saying newscaster looks like Obama

A fifth grade White kid was expelled from school when he joked that a newscaster visiting the school looked like Obama. I guess that making such a remark was - "DAT BE RAYCISS"

However, could you imagine a African-American kid being expelled for saying that a visiting White father looked like George Bush?  Not a chance.

Grayson Thomas was expelled for making a comment that Chris Schauble looks like President Obama.


Chris Schauble


  1. this would be the perfect time for Obama to step them on their bullshit...possibly gain an opposing vote or two or three...

  2. This would be a perfect time for Obonzo to steal another identity.

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    blacks have been selectively killing our race for years. In the case above a nigger killed 5 white woman and the police tried to describ it as a "robbery gone wrong" when nothing was stolen and there were no bruise marks on the victims.

  6. But he does! The child was just stating a fact; off for re reducation..