Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fiat and Jennifer Lopez

Here is a Smoking Gun article that exposes that Jennifer Lopez used a body double when filming a Fiat commercial in the Bronx.

I am not sure why this created so much controversy. Do people really think commercials reflect reality? The actors and actresses read the lines given to them in exchange for a check. You give them money and they will read and do what they are told.

What I find to be more interesting is that Jennifer Lopez was actually raised in a good middle-class neighborhood in the Bronx. Her parents sent her to private Catholic schools so that she would be spared the jungle of the Public Schools. And, yet, the ad copy is playing to the notion that Lopez came from a ghetto background.

But why should we elevate the notion of coming from a bad background? The media plays this narrative because it fits the egalitarian religion. That Miss Lopez is somehow "inspired" by ghetto rats. In a healthy society we should celebrate that she had a good father that provided a good education separate from the enriching diversity. But we can't do that. That would be "elitist".

And here is another controversial Fiat ad:


  1. I'm so glad I gave up watching television, I just couldn't deal with it anymore.

  2. All fun and games in Jamaica. And always white women and "youth" (or middle eastern) men - never the opposite. Obviously they are not targeting a white male audience with theese commersials. I find them both repulsive. Do they think that Jay-Lo will bring in white male customers?

  3. If her fat ass will fit in a Fiat, then so will your wife's.