Monday, November 21, 2011

One in four American women take psych meds

American Woman

I watched the tiger pace back and forth in front of the plexiglass.
I looked at the muddy rut where the tiger paced all day. Every day.

That is the technical term for such behavior.

In honest language this means the cat is mentally fucked from trying to live in an alien environment. The only environment the cat ever knew.

They want to place our women, our girls, into combat.


Strong and Lithe girls that lead men and destroy monsters.
captains of bureaucracy
Managers of a country


Social Constructs
All is a social construct we are taught.

The tiger only knew the social construct of performing tricks for its handler.
and pacing behind the plexiglass

Xanax, prozac and valium are taken by our pacing women
as their social constructs are defined.

Never dream of a more natural time
For such freedom is oppressions say our handlers

The cat remembered a time he never knew
He ripped the throat of Roy, his kindly handler

Do our handlers worry about us claiming from what was stolen from us?
Do They worry a ripped throat might not be a  social construct?


  1. Psychiatric drugging of women, fixing the scam of feminism with the scam of psychiatric drugs. Scams upon scams, someone sure deserves to get their throat ripped out.

  2. Maybe these women are on prescribed drugs.
    And there's a $1000 reward!!!

  3. I've read it five times now. You have gone above and beyond on this one. Well done.

  4. One in four women are on psychiatric drugs?
    The only problem with that is THREE out of four women NEED to be on psychiatric drugs.

  5. Awesome, did you write this? I also dug the music with the reading, works quit well.