Sunday, November 27, 2011

RAMZPAUL Interview

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  1. What a prophet you are!But I get you, I really get you. I agree, if you don't want to live near blacks... you shouldn't have to. I make a point of not imposing myself on "black hating people." I've found, whenever I engage with people like yourself;clever,witty, handsome whites, My presence causes them such distress. There's the look of me...well you know!. The smell of me: I often see them forcing back the nausea. The lack of intelligence; poor things have to struggle to understand a word I say. Then there's my siblings... those pretty white things...they can't go through the door for fear of being jumped on by one of them. Often had to hold the youngest back myself. Yes Sir! You white folk must have a safe place to yourselves.

    Me Sir? I'm on a mission you see. To get as much as I can out of the limited time I have here on this earth. I need some space myself, not to be distracted by these truamatic encounters.. where I can smell bad, look bad, think my thoughts and write my poetry.

    Oh, Can I just try one on you before I go?
    ( First few verses below... have to follow link for rest)

    Nuremberg of the North?

    I watch the spectre of 555 whisper in your ear,
    and so perfect an ancient craft;
    remind you of your valiant past:
    your heritage, your Volksgemeinschaft.
    "You are unique, you favoured folk,
    you angelic, Island race.
    Your Empire stretched from pole to pole.
    You ruled the world, you set it's goal.

    But now your 'golden' streets are plundered
    by feeble, sunburned hands.
    Strange voices heard throughout your land,
    Insistent with their demands.
    They take your jobs, they take your homes,
    They fill your lives with fear.
    These alien beings, casting shadows
    over everything you hold dear.
    - AND SO ON-

    So, you see, sir, I get you,I really get you.
    Take care.

    P.S.Just thought. If you are ever in UK, there's a place you can go. They do excellent facial shaves every morning.. if you are too busy that is.. Don't worry, you will like it..It's almost all white and they work hard to stay that way... They'll love you!