Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Action teams tackle St. Paul achievement gap

The St. Paul school system has been charged with eliminating the "achievement gap" between Youths verses Asians and Whites. Of course, this is not unique in St. Paul. This gap is pretty much universal.  Is this gap because Whites and Asians have been holding Youths back for millions of years? Or could there be another explanation?


  1. " more work was needed on bringing more students to high-poverty schools. "

    How? Buy increasing poverty? :-) Or by forcing less poor students to go to "diverse" schools?

  2. Yes, but even if you put the "slow" breed of dog near the finish line, the Greyhound will still be superior. I have a better idea. Why don't we handicap the Greyhound? Take a baseball bat and whack all Greyhounds in one of their hind legs. If we do that, then every dog will be equally slow. We will have true equality!!! Yeahhhh!
    From here on out, all White and Asian newborns should be dropped on their heads from a distance of four feet. That will get rid of that pesky achievement gap!!!