Sunday, December 18, 2011

Demario James Atwater laughs at killing your children

Seems that this youth, Demario James Atwater, kidnapped and robbed a college girl. She begged for her life but he shot her five times.

Look below. He thinks it is funny he killed a White girl. He his one tough mutherfucker.

He thinks it is hilarious because no one will make him pay for killing a little girl. O RLY?

Update: Atwater squealed like a little bitch and begged for mercy (which he did not grant to his victim) to not receive the death penalty.

Anyway, how our ancestors dealt with this shit.

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  1. He will not pay. The worst thing I hear survivors of the victims say is that they want the perpetrator to have a picture of their loved one in his cell to remind him of his heinous deeds. That's exactly what the sick bastards want. Just another child sacrificed to Mollech.