Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong-il RIP

Kim Jong-il, dictator of North Korea, died yesterday. We are told that North Korea is a great threat. But pretty much they gave kept to themselves for the last 60 years. Oh, every year or so North Korea will lob a missile into the Sea of Japan and create an international incident. This creates an opportunity for leaders of both countries to look tough. Good PR.  Of course, everyone knows that such is just posturing and no real war is likely.

The United States also likes to have an eternal enemy that is NOT in obvious conflict with Israel. This helps to maintain the illusion that we have a somewhat independent foreign policy.


  1. North Korea's Gross Domestic Product is forty billion dollars, an amount rather less than what just one Wall Street crook, Bernie Madoff, stole. I know who the real enemies of the American people are.

  2. is everything a vast jewish conspiracy? come on!

  3. I never mentioned a particular ethnic group. Project much?