Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Passover Syndrome - A PSA

Interesting article in Taki's Magazine that describes a common mental illness primarily found among White people.


  1. Although I have never personally suffered from Passover Syndrome(PS), I do come into regular contact with people who are full-blown PS sufferers - and many more whom I suspect to be carriers. Previous to ramZpaul(RZP), my only protection consisted of large doses of alcohol. I can now recommend RZP as the safe alternative.

  2. You need to celebrate your diversity!
    In Vermont, just like Bernie Sanders and many other old hippies who moved there to enjoy the rich cultural and racial variety!

  3. Pretty funny video. How about the "respectable" white folks who feel the need to apologize before they state the obvious....
    For instance, "Not that I'm a racist but, those flash mobs are always blacks beating on whites".