Friday, January 20, 2012

Costa Concordia and Feminism

It is rather amusing how the mainstream media (television and movies) constantly shows women in "empowered" roles. And, yes, when disaster strikes, the same media complains if "women and children" are not given priority.

lol fail

Feminists always lecture us how men hated women in the patriarchy. And, yet, these same men that supposedly hated women were willing to die for them. Curious.

John Astor (47) and his wife (19) before the Titanic voyage.

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  1. I thought it was especially disgraceful that nobody thought to drop off the passengers of the life boat on the island to go back for the people who were still trapped on the ship. Had they just tried to deal with the situation by organising and taking care of each other, nobody should have died. Instead, an elderly man died while trying to swim to safety, while the young men were all fighting to get on the lifeboats. I think this shows how Europeans today behave when faced with a crisis; not much better than the Haitians.