Monday, January 30, 2012

Unfair Campaign: Targeting Racism

Here is a story about an anti-White group that has placed billboards (see below) warning people about "White Privilege". Of course, these very same people claim that the White race does not even exist. But, somehow, this race that does not even exist is responsible for all wicked things.

Here is the story:

Leaders from around the Twin Ports are taking a stand against racism. They've collaborated in a unique way, to launch public awareness about white privilege.

And here is a video as part of the campaign that helps to raise awareness concerning White privilege.

The main site helping to raise awareness:

I decided to help with the campaign and submit my own video as part of the "dialogue".


  1. Mr. Paul:

    I posted a playlist of both of those videos on my own blog, "OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE", with links to both your web site and the "UNFAIR" web site, and then added my own comments.

    The URL for my web site is - - - ,

    The name of the post is, "UNFAIR? TO WHO?"

    I think you'll like the way I presented it.

    Thank you.

    John Robert Mallernee
    Armed Forces Retirement Home
    Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

  2. Racism is a government function and this is it.

  3. Dear RAMZPAUL,

    Excellent video as usual. I appreciate very much your efforts in pointing out the absurdity of our PC world and as your popularity grows hopefully your message will resonate with more and more people and get them to wake up to what is happening in our country. Humor is a great way to communicate! One criticism though is that I think your messages will be much more effective if you can avoid the swearing. It may add color to what you're saying but it also distracts from your message since it will turn some people off. Your commentary is great but it could be greater and have wider appeal without the swearing. Just a thought. Take care!