Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Debbie Spend-it-Now Ad Deemed Offensive

Michigan Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra on Monday defended his controversial Super Bowl political attack ad that critics have called racially insensitive, saying it does not reflect criticism of China.

Here is the ad that was deemed offensive:

Why was this ad not deemed offensive? It promotes negative stereotypes of the Irish!


  1. I tried to watch RamzPaul's video on youtube and post a comment there - but they have blocked me from posting there! I guess they don't like my comments about jews. From now on I'll have to just say "the J word". Anyway here's my comment that got blocked.

    They don't want to remind Americans that our jobs are being out sourced. You gotta read this

    You can learn who is behind the destruction of our economy, our country and all the rest of Western civilization. Its the jew bankers and corporate leaders.

    They don't want us to know this - read this book and pass along the link.

  2. Hi Ram - being English that means I am part arsehole - and everytime I see a bottom on TV I am furious - dont they know how offensive this is to people, like me, with this condition

  3. I agree that this add is a little bit offensive. I even find the ads at craigslist Philippines site more appealing and wholesome.