Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Police Warn Of Cell Phone Thefts In Minneapolis

Below is a story that describes how people in Minneapolis are starting to have their cell phones ripped from their hands as they talk while walking downtown.  For years, Minneapolis was almost 100% White. This was deemed intolerable and "diversity" was imported from Somalia of all places.

The article is careful not to mention the people behind these robberies. But the CBS web site made the mistake of leaving the comments open. It seems that not all people are thrilled with having their communities "enriched" in such a manner.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s a crime wave happening around the country and it’s hitting the Twin Cities hard.

Thieves are stealing smart phones — sometimes right out of the hands of the owners while they are on the phone.

This story comes just a few days after the City of Duluth, Minnesota has started their Anti-White Privilege campaign. One of the leaders of this campaign is a a woman named Naomi Yaeger-Bischoff. She seems like a parody of  an out of touch White liberal. But, alas, I think she is real. Soon she may get her wish. And the people of Duluth will be enriched while hiding their cell phones.

Fighting White Privilege 


  1. The picture tells me all I need to know about Miz Yaeger-Bischoff. She's even got the hat right.

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  3. Leaves of three, leave it be; skin of black, brace for attack.

  4. She is indeed a living being; only Mainline Protestantism is capable of such relentless self-absorption and self-importance and obliviousness to reality.

  5. She probably feels guilty that Duluth and Minneapolis aren't as "diverse" as Detroit; why doesn't she just move to Detroit to enjoy its rich diversity? Because then she couldn't feel "part of the process and vanguard for change".
    These churches have been preaching "Celebrate our Diversity" for over 40 years but have remained over 90% white; maybe the same will happen to Duluth? Nah-no such luck.