Monday, March 5, 2012

Are Babies People?

Dr. Francesca Minerva, a research associate and ethicist at Oxford University, has been receiving death threats after co-writing an article arguing that killing newborns should be as permissible as getting an abortion.

The controversial article posited the idea that newborns and fetuses were only "potential persons," lacking the same moral status and capabilities as "actual persons" like infants, young children and adults. Therefore, after-birth abortions should be "permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.


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  2. Pro-lifers demonize abortion by referring to it as baby killing. So obviously the smart thing to do if you're pro-choice is to advocate the killing of babies. Just get it right out there so people can get numb to the idea.

    The bubble these people are living in must be a mile thick.

  3. Hmh, "baby killing" isn't 'demonizing'. That's factual. 'baby murdering' would be demonizing.

    Folks have to be careful with these utilitarian arguments. There is no logical problem to arguing that, let's say, below 110 IQ imbeciles, don't contribute much to 'society' as well. Argh, never mind, that would be genocide, so we won't consider that.

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  5. What is known as Christianity is indeed Judeo-Christianity heavy on the Judeo. It should be an oxymoron but it isn't.

    BTW- The mark of the beast is something you earn like a Phd. The Beast knows his own. It has a database.

    Ramsey Paul is not the Beast or the Anti-Christ. The image of the beast that is made to talk is none other than the spokes-model for U.S.Inc.

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  6. Ramzpaul just shot himself in the foot.