Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy O'Green Day!

A Massachusetts school principal has enraged the local community by renaming St Patrick’s Day ‘O’Green Day’ in an effort to encourage diversity and remove the Catholic element.

Irish American parents and many others are dismayed by the actions of Lisa Curtin, herself an Irish American, at the Soule Road School in Wilbraham, Mass.

Principal Curtin decided to rename Ireland’s national day in an effort to be ‘inclusive and diverse’ and remove the religious factor.

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  1. Is there some kind of poison or something in the water up there? Whatever it is they've been drinking it for about 400 years now, and it's killing the rest of us.

  2. "Lisa Curtin, herself an Irish American..." She has been taught to self hate that's for certain. However, this is not shocking becasue after all this is a public school which equals a GOVERNMENT school!

  3. Nigerians also celebrate the 17th of March; St. Patrick was made the patron saint of Nigeria in 1960. Their flag is even green-white-green.

  4. I remember when some school teacher tried to call it "potato day" in an effort to be politically correct. lol