Friday, March 2, 2012

If Bioware Made Mario Brothers

BioWare is a game company that is helping to teach children tolerance by introducing gay sex in their video games.  In the game Mass Effect 2, the main character has gay sex with an African-American character.

Gay Jungle Fever

BioWare could "diversify" them

Jennifer Hepler is a lead writer at BioWare. She has helped push the inclusion of gay sex in their video games.  This has caused a controversy among primarily straight, boys who play these games. It seems many young men don't want homosexual characters to hit on them in a video game. But BioWare is standing firm and supporting Hepler in her crusade to "educate" the youth of America.

Here is another BioWare game. Go to the :40 mark. Hilarious dialog.


  1. I was bummed you couldn't slam two chicks at the same time. I mean, if we can get gay sex, can't we try to charm our way into making a harem?

  2. Not sure if you are aware sir, but its not obligatory gay sex, as you imply. You actually need to go pretty far out of your way. By which I mean making passes at male characters dozens of times if not more. You are on the other hand presented with multiple potential heterosexual interactions simply by not being mean to female NPC's. In the description of your second video the uploader's comments are something to the effect of "thank you guys for showing me how to make the game gay." In other words, its pretty damn hard.

  3. Uhh... isn't this a mod? It's not actually in the game it's something a player added later.

    There are plenty of insane mods for these games.