Monday, March 19, 2012

A Tale of Two Teens - Trayvon and Tyrone

The National Media has been in an uproar since George Zimmerman, shot a Black teen. Zimmerman was part of a neighborhood watch patrol. When Zimmerman noticed Trayvon Martin in the neighborhood, he confronted him. Tayvon attacked and Zimmerman shot him dead.

When Blacks attack Whites, the media refuses to report on the race. But when the roles are switched, suddenly the media notices race.

While the mainstream media has repeatedly described Zimmerman as a "White" man, in fact, Zimmerman is Hispanic. If a company should hire Zimmerman, they could count him as a "person of color".  But once Zimmerman shoots a Black, he suddenly has a race change.

George Zimmerman

The shooting of a Black teen by a "White" man has caused the expected outrage and national media coverage.

Meaning, in Tulsa, an elderly couple was attacked in their home. They had been married for 65 years and lived in the same house since 1950.

A week ago, another "teen" (who is actually 20 years old) broke into their home and attacked the elderly and ill couple.

Tyrone Woodfork raped and killed the 85 year old lady. He left her 90 year old husband for dead, but he survived.

Curiously, the national media did not report on this killing. And, unlike the Zimmerman shooting, they did not mention race.

Tyrone Woodfork 
There are no candle light vigils planned for Nancy. No White people marching demanding NO JUSTICE NO PEACE. No calls from the President. Just silence. 


  1. You might want to do a story about this enrichment, 13yo named and pictured.
    Police charge teen in rape of 90-year-old woman
    March 16, 2012 3:30 PM
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    LIMA — A boy who was 13 years old when he allegedly broke into the home of a 90-year-old woman and raped her last summer has been charged.

    Lima police announced the charges against Maurice McGill, who today is 14. He is charged with rape, aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and abduction. The alleged victim is 91 years old today

  2. This is an ignorant article (if you can even call it that)

  3. News Flash: Tyrone was by your own admission arrested for his heinous crimes. The outcry is not because of the race of the shooter, but rather because no one be they white, black, yellow, or polka-dotted was even brought to a police station and questioned. So if you choose to make comparisons at at least let them be true comparison and not apples to oranges.

  4. I thought this would be an article saying that this young man was not arrested and is sitting at home claiming self defense. There is NO comparison here. Black people don't get "up in arms" over every Black child that is killed or every Black child that is arrested. The issue with the Trayvon case is that Zimmerman was not arrested and is claiming self defense. Where is the comparison between these twon other than the fact that there were Black and White people involved? Show me a case where a Black man shot a young white teenager in his neighborhood and was able to claim self-defense, then maybe this comparison would make sense.

  5. I have always been astounded by black perps/killers who attack and rape very old white women. What in the world could a 20 yo perp find sexually arousing about an 85 yo woman? The the answer is simple. Blacks are basically predators who stalk the herd like lions, wolves, hyenas etc. The important fact about these stalking predators is they never go after the healthy members of the herd. They always go after the sick, old and infirm. This is a function of nature in keeping the head culled of the least healthy members and thus increasing the overall chances of survival. Blacks are actually following a basic predatory instinct and going after the most vulnerable members of white society or herd if you prefer.

  6. Obamas Son
    Look – lets not mention that he is president, and should be responsible for all. Oooooohps.

    OK – Trayvon is a good looking kid – who would not want him as a son.

    But Barak what about Tyrone Woodfork – are you his father – he raped and murdered an 85 year old (white) women, and beat her (white) husband who survived.

    Do you disown this child?

    Or do you only pick the good looking ones, who may have been victims – but shall we find out the facts first Mr President?

    Just in case you were curious – the Woodfork case was not racist, and did not provoke any media outcry.

    I Wonder why

    Oh – And Obama may never have a son, so we will never know what he looks like – but we know what his mum looked like – I guess she was similar to the 85 year old women who Woodfork raped and killed.