Monday, April 30, 2012

Dan Savage, the founder of an anti-bullying campaign that has reportedly reached more than 40 million viewers, and has contributors that include President Obama to Hollywood stars, dove into unexpected territory while giving a speech at a high school journalism conference Friday.

There, instead the planned discussion on the dangers of bullying, Savage seemingly turned into a “bully” himself, albeit a powerful, adult one.

Here was an article Dan wrote about licking doorknobs trying to spread disease:


  1. Homos know what they are and they know the worst thing they can call anyone is homo.

    Hopefully the bug chasing knob polisher will get what he deserves.

  2. This savage guy in the linked video has a "chosenite" appearance; as does another "Savage"; Michael Savage (born Michael Alan Weiner; March 31, 1942) is a conservative American radio host, author, and political commentator. As Ramz sagely points out in his commentary, he's using his homo forum actually as a front to do more than a little bashing of the Bible and of course, Christians. All for the benefit of the "whos"? The "j-words" of course.

  3. The World Health Organisation only reclassified Homosexuality as a non-mental illness as late as 1990 and China in 2001. Up to that point was that organisation and Government run by Christians?

    Funny that Dan Savage quotes CHRISTIAN attitudes from the Bible. Who wrote Leviticus? Was it a White Conservative Christian American which is what he seems to be applying?

    Why doesn't Dan Savage start telling us about ancient Greek attitudes towards homosexuality? There was a religion that didn't want to assimilate into that culture, they stick 'Menorah's' all over the world to remind us. From their book comes tales of Sodom and Gomorrah whilst the Romans also had progressive views towards Homosexuality and sex in general. They also shared a love of animals that PETA would have no problems with.

    I'm sure NAMBLA share Savages views on CHRISTIAN attitudes towards sex? Those Ancient Greek were really progressive they practised paiderastia. The ancient Greeks wouldn't put progressive people into Coalinga State Hospital, and maybe one day W.H.O. will declassify paedophilia too.

    But while Dan Savage is polarising Christians on slavery, lets quote Christian Pastor MLK who in turn quoted the declaration of independence 'all men are created equal' written by non-Christian Jefferson who preferred castration for sodomites rather then death. Doesn't sound like Jefferson was progressive enough.

  4. Heartening to see that there are still high school students who'll walk out on an idiot like that.

  5. Sorry mate the first link points to the main page of Mail on line (i am not good at sending links it seems lol)try to google this instead.... Secretary told she faces jail after admitting champagne-fuelled racist rant on train that was filmed on YouTube the second link works but just in case.....Petrol bomb riot teens who attacked Washington police station escape jail