Monday, April 2, 2012

A Marxist's Guide for Picking Up Chicks

French survey discovers far-right-wing voters have the most sex

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  1. This works

  2. This is consistent with the correlation of oxytocin to ethnocentrism. The same biochemical that makes us lovey-dovey also makes us more on guard against outsiders.

  3. The funniest thing about your run of the mill "progressive" "liberated" "woman" is that if they find a guy that think just about the same as they do on a variety of issues, they're disgusted!

    This is natural of course, females still subconsciously is looking for someone who can protect here. If you ever checked the personal ads, what's the most common thing women ask looking for? They want someone TALLER than they are. The taller the better. Also, I remember reading that despite all our "evolution", women still are picking guys that are older than they are. You know, because they had more time to earn money and settle in life. I mean, what broke University student would want to settle for another broke University student? Maybe for a hookup, but for a real relationship, forget it.

    The basic female psychology when looking for a mate is the same as it always was for thousands of years, even after all the emancipation stuff. Deep down, they are still looking for someone who can protect them. Height is an important factor, like I have a cousin... our family is very tall, quite a few above 6'3... so she has our genetics and as a girl, she's 6 feet tall, blonde and in good shape. Now do you imagine her going out with some 135 pounds 5'4 guy, it would look even more freaky to people these days as a nice gay couple with two bearded transsexuals in leather pants.

    Guess who she married? A guy who's 6'7, must weight about 300 pounds (with muscle, not fat) and have size 16 shoes. Yup, they're a lovely couple... it did take her a while to settle, I mean the niche market for guys that size, and white too, is a little limited alright.

    My cousin is a good Liberal girl, her favorite band growing up was The Smiths and it still is I believe. She got a great education and even worked for a Canadian MP. The guy she went for was tall, strong and rich. He doesn't look one bit like the skinny vegetarian Paul Morrissey she idealized. He's a businessman that work for evil stuff like multinational corporations.

    I love my cousin, she's a good woman, but it's just funny how life turns out. Her brother who was once ranked among the most intelligent Canadians (in terms of school performances if I remember correctly) is also very tall, muscular and successful person. He's 6'5, very high IQ, guess who he married? A tiny little Chinese girl that's like 5'1.

    The problem with some of us is that... well, we don't want to settle for a woman who's role model is Paul Morrissey, it just doesn't add up after a while when you try to have a conversation. You always have to hide any opinion you may hold not to offend her precious views. And even if a woman can be made to change a little, going from the progressive left to the conservative right isn't something many are capable of. Unless they are young, like 18-21, they're almost always leftist at that age, but then they get married and learn what real life is, that you can't raise a family thinking it's alright to have casual sex with strangers and binge-drink your week-ends away.