Friday, April 20, 2012

Painful Skittles

This reporter called Makode Linde's art "brilliant". I hope he also likes mine.

The Left does "shock" art with the goal to offend our bourgeois sensibilities. Let's just say I turn the tables on them for my own amusement.

I do hope I get a NEA grant for my work. If Serrano got a government grant for "Piss Christ", I think I would also qualify.

When artist Makode Linde dressed up as a pastry depicting a caricatured African woman, he was doing more than just embarrassing Sweden's cultural minister.

Here is a picture of the artist.


  1. Have you seen this article about the incident

    It's by this african guy
    Jallow Momodou that's living in sweden, who is active in in an organisation called "National Association of Afro Swedes" (there are no such thing btw either you are a swede or you are "afro").It's one of those professional (tax funded) anti-racism (anti-White) organization where people are actively looking for racism even where it does not exist
    Among other things, they tried to ban the comic book Tintin in the Congo, and a licorice ice cream named "Nogger Black" (No it was really called That,I'm not Kidding).

    Greatings from an un-emasculated swede...

    (I posted this on youtube previously it turned out to be a really bad Idea...)

    The text on the photoshoped picture of
    Mamodou as a slave in the article says: Our negro slave has runned away!!! He disappeared last saturday, April the 16th. The image was created by the street artist Dan Park
    after Mamoudou had reported Halland Nation
    (a nation is a kind of Fraternity) in Lund (a university town in southern Sweden)
    for Hate speach after they had a theme party with slave theme.

  2. Ramz how about doing a video on this story take it stateside as they say, loving your work BTW.

  3. Hadding: Hey Guerita what is this woman saying at the beginning? It seems very flirty.
    Guerita: let me check
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    Hadding: She says "You are a son of a bitch racist but we love you asshole"?
    Guerita: yeah
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  4. I thought that was the translation! Thanks!