Sunday, April 8, 2012

Youths and Indians

Last year I made a video of the gruesome murders of a young White couple in Tulsa. This story received no national attention. And the local media was careful not to mention the race of the suspects. In the video I predicated that if the races were reversed the story would have received major national attention. Of course, I was called the "R" word by the usual suspects for making that prediction.

This weekend, my prediction came true. Blacks were shot in Tulsa by a suspect that was described as "White".  Unlike the murders of a White couple last year, this story made national attention and the federal government sent in a ton of people to solve the case.

The suspect, Jake England, was caught yesterday.Two years ago Jake's father was murdered by an African-American named Pernell Demond Jefferson.

Pernell Demond Jefferson - 4 years for murder

Jake England never got over the anger of his father's murder. In a recent Facebook update Jake wrote:

"Today is two years that my dad has been gone shot by a fucking nigger."

It seems that Jake decided to enforce what Jesse Jackson calls "social justice" and he went on a shooting rampage.

What is interesting is that since the arrest Jake England is described by the mainstream media as "White". In reality, Jake England (pictured below with his son) is a Cherokee Indian.

Jake England with his son

CNN refers to Jake England (pictured on the left) as "white"


  1. 4 years for murder just because he is black? That is friggin' racist. Wiki says the sentense is a lifetime in prison, in US.

  2. You're a national treasure Paul. I had not heard of last year's murders at all, not to mention this whitewash job.

  3. You can determine a social construct based on a blood test. :D:D

  4. Paul - These killing happen here in the UK, when black or Muslims kill / assault rape or gang rape white people race is not mentioned, but when a white person calls a black or Muslim person a horrible name - RACISTs the media, the politicians, the liberals all cry (very loudly).

  5. Black youths attacked Latinos in Staten Island a couple of years ago. There were five attacks on Latinos in a matter of 2 months by black youths...not picked up by the national news.

    Black youth were targeting Chinese-Americans and other Asians in San Francisco for robbery...not picked up by he national news.

    Black youth were targeting Jews in a hate crime robbery, calling their Jewish victim anti-semitic names...not picked up by the national news

    Why not?

  6. My beautiful White foster-brother and his best friend (both 19 years old) were murdered by a psycho negress...and the libtard judge ended up giving her 6 months in a halfway house.

    One of her savage ape sons went on to murder a total stranger, a White teacher, nine years later. He is now serving life.

    Weren't we so lucky to have these creatures live among us?