Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jerry Brown Address to the People of California

Governor Jerry Brown took the California budget issue to the people via a YouTube video. I thought I would help him promote his ideas and give my own suggestions. Hopefully, he will approve my video reply.

Today, in what may be an unprecedented move by a governor (unless you count this clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger with a giant knife), Jerry Brown took California's budget war online with a direct YouTube appeal to Californians. For anyone not paying attention, Brown has vowed to balance California's deficit by any means necessary—closing a massive gap of some $26.5 billion. The legislature is about halfway there, having agreed to cuts in services for the poor, the disabled, college students, and so on.

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  1. Comments oin the 'original' Jerry Brown video on YouTube are moderated! So far, surprise, surprise, all the comments are positively gushing over in adulation for good 'ol Gov' Jerry, our saviour.