Monday, May 14, 2012

The First Gay President

In a gutsy move, Newsweek has released the cover of their next issue, on the cover of which they depict President Obama with a rainbow halo and the title of 'The First Gay President'.

The news-magazine, which hits stands today, is using the shock factor of labeling the straight, married, father-of-two President to draw attention to itself.

Tina Brown, who edits the magazine and its sister website The Daily Beast, is known for her love of controversial covers to help boost public interest and sales.

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  1. The root of the problem is how poisonous our government has become to us. We didn't have these problems when this was an Anglo Saxon Protestant nation.

    I say send gays to Mexico and anchor babies and their families with them.

  2. It is fitting that the image of the Beast be a blood thirsty homosexual bastard son of a whore.