Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Obama campaign is running a series of ads claiming that the Republicans are waging a war against women. The specifics of this "war" are never specified. But there are usually vague references to birth control.  The Democrats are trying to frighten White women into believing that if Mitt Romney is elected, he will take away their birth control pills. Of course, this is pure nonsense. But fear mongering tends to work well in elections.

The Democrats are targeting White women (notice that all the women in the ad are White). This is key as the Democrats know they will get 99% of the Black vote. And only the most pathetic White man would even think of voting for Obama. So the Democrats see the White woman voter as the key demographic.

It is also interesting how the Democrats slur stay at home mothers in this ad (the cookie reference).  I suppose they realize that will not get much of that vote anyway.
Below is a campaign ad target for women in 1956. Notice how the campaign assumed that women were interested in more than vagina related topics. Also notice how mothers were not mocked.

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