Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Teenage Colorado Cannibals on the loose!

In Denver Colorado a lady waiting in a drive through noticed that a youth, teen (or whatever is the new word the media now uses) threw her garbage out the window onto the pavement. The lady yelled to the "teen" that this was not "cool" (meaning appropriate behavior). This resulted in the "teen" and her friend attacking the woman in her car. According to the victim, the "teens" seemed to be attempting to bite her fingers off. The male teen driver got out of the car and threw a can of grape drink at her car. He then called her a White bitch.

All of this because the woman dared to tell the "teen" that is was not "cool" to throw trash on the ground.

On a unrelated note, the KUSA web site is showing pictures of pretty White girl mug photos. Curious.

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