Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Support Marriage Equality

This is my submission to the FCK H8 (clever name!) campaign. I not only support gay marriage. I support zoosexual marriage. How fucking progressive is that?

Here is an wiki article about one of the pioneers of the zoosexual movement. Sadly, he met his end (heh) too soon.

Here is a sample of the FCKH8 educational videos:


  1. Those FCKH8 (people?) give the word (zany) much more meaning that it already has (if that is humanly(?) possible). It is like watching (Wood)y (Wood)pecker going off in his/her/its' pants. O man! If only Germany had won. We might actually be a decent world.


    1. Yep. If we could only turn the clock back to 1938/39 knowing what we know now. But we can't. So now we have all the time in the world to wallow in our self-pity and think of what could have been.

  2. Isn't it ironical that the same folk who are pushing "gay" "marriage" are also hell-bent on destroying traditional marriage.

  3. As this ad makes very clear, they do not want marriage. They want to shock and offend. A few lesbians might want the nice house with the white picket fence and might still be together in 5 years, but queer men? No way! They want as many one night stands as possible. "Gay marriage" is kind of like tiger vegetarianism.

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