Thursday, June 21, 2012

Comment Policy Update

I have closed the comments on my old videos. However, the comments are still there. They are just hidden. Over time I will be “cleaning” the old comments and make them visible. For the old videos (over a month old) comments will be placed on moderation. As there is usually not much back and forth conversations on these old videos, I think that will work OK.

New videos will continue to have open comments. Any comment that has the word “nigger”. “chink”, “spic” or “Jew” will be removed. Yes, I know that the word “Jew” is not always a bad word. But I don’t have time to evaluate every comment for its context. In one video I had over 10,000 comments.

Again, this is to conform to YouTube’s policy that we help maintain the Community Standard on our videos. If you don’t like the Community Standard, don’t complain to me, call Google and complain.

I have my own policy that I don’t allow people to call me or other people “racist”. I also immediately block people who have a clear anti-White agenda.

I personally prefer open debate. I used to allow all people to post anything. That is freedom of thought. But as certain groups are closing the window of freedom on us, I will no longer give such people a platform on my videos. People can still disagree, but only in the most respectful manner. Calling someone a “racist” or a “cracker” or an “asshole” will lead to an immediately block.


  1. Parallels to USA and USSR, as they, over time, came to resemble each other more and more. Kinda breaks down scale-wise, as RAMZ doesn't quite have the stature of Google, lol.

    Really isn't a freedom of speedh issue, is it? I mean, if you eat at someone else's table, you have swallow what they serve. Or don't swallow.

    On the other hand, if freedom of speech were really an important issue, wouldn't the state be legally enforcing it on corporations? Kinda, sorta like it does all kinds of other crap?

  2. I agree. We don't really have freedom of speech. All corporations are at the mercy of the government. They know if they don't appease the government, they will face audits, anti-trust accusations, etc. Yes, the corporations might win in court, but that costs millions in legal fees. And the state has endless money to steal from us to pay for their legal battles.

    So those who control the government (btw - it is not you) dictate what we can and what we can not say.

  3. Ram Z. Paul - You so need to spoof this video: